“My top productivity tip? Compassion. Wait, what? Aren’t productivity tips typically about shifting mindset, single tasking, deep focus, working in pulses, and a host of other useful tools? Yes. And all those tools can help us be fantastically productive, effective, and even more creative.

“But what compassion recognizes is that we’re human. We’re going to have stupid days, when nothing seems to go right. We just will. There will be times when we’re going to be distracted, unmotivated, scattered, when some crisis at work or in life kept us up all night, or when we’re feeling just plain overwhelmed.

“But rather than beat ourselves up, sink into paralyzing negativity, or ruminate endlessly on what went wrong or how we failed, compassion enables us to forgive ourselves, to learn what we can, to see that it’s all about practicing, to let go of perfection, and — lightly and with grace — move forward and try again.”

And just as we compassion for ourselves, we need to remember to offer the same to other fallible human beings who, too, will sometimes have stupid days. And we need to be able to forgive them especially on the days when we aren’t having stupid days!

Read more here: http://www.businessinsider.com/productivity-tips-from-experts-busy-people-2016-12/#associate-something-you-love-with-something-you-want-to-accomplish-1


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