Why your best productivity hacks still come up short (and what really needs to change)

I confess: I’m a sucker for life hacks. Who doesn’t fantasize about getting work done faster and getting more out of life, especially when, after rushing around all day, you’ve barely made a dent in your to-do list, emails keep pouring in, and that one big project you’ve been meaning to work on gets kicked […]

The Expert’s Dilemma: Why even work-life balance experts are awful at balancing work and life

For years, as director of the Work-Life Center at MIT, Kathy Simons pushed for flexible work policies, family-friendly benefits, and could cite chapter and verse the research on how taking time off to recharge improves workers’ outlook, productivity, and health. (In case you’re curious: One long-term study found that men and women who don’t take […]

The Better Work Toolkit

Flexibility, collaboration, and autonomy are workplace strategies intended to give workers more predictability and control over their work and home lives. Instead, they’re often extending the workday into an unpredictable, 24/7 everydayathon, crowding out time for meaningful, concentrated work with endless meetings and overflowing inboxes, and spurring ever greater work devotion in order to live […]

In Berlin, the past and present collide on a mother-son trip

Rediscovering Berlin: Two teens, two visits, 35 years apart.

Why you can’t stop checking your email

(CNN)We’re drowning in email. We check it incessantly — more than half of American workers check email at least once an hour. And at night. And on weekends. And on vacation. The compulsion to constantly check, respond, clean out and keep on top of an overflowing inbox is actually making us stressed out, distracted, miserable […]

New America Care Report finds child care doesn’t work for anyone

In the past 50 years, the experience of the American family has undergone a sea change. In the mid-twentieth century, breadwinner-homemaker families were not only more the norm, but held up as the ideal. Today, there is no one “typical” American family. And in a majority of families with children under 18, all parents work […]

Beyond Inbox Zero: The science of work-life balance

Tara Oakman knows what it’s like to work in a high stress, adrenaline-fueled, always-on 21st century workplace. A few years back, she was up against tough deadlines, intense public scrutiny, and the pressure of creating a massive new federal program from scratch as director of a team overseeing implementation of some key elements of the […]

Where Child Care is an Economic Engine

Despite boasting one of the nation’s first universal pre-k programs, parents in Georgia still struggle to make sense of the dollars and cents of the state’s early care. At the end of a long day of work at a small sports-marketing firm in Atlanta, a very pregnant Micki Velmer is driving to pick up her […]

Business Insider: My top productivity tip? Compassion

“My top productivity tip? Compassion. Wait, what? Aren’t productivity tips typically about shifting mindset, single tasking, deep focus, working in pulses, and a host of other useful tools? Yes. And all those tools can help us be fantastically productive, effective, and even more creative. “But what compassion recognizes is that we’re human. We’re going to […]

Fast Company: 10 Expert Tips to make 2017 your most productive year yet

WRITE A ONE-ITEM TO-DO LIST “This past year, my work became infinitely more complex,” says Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, who now directs the Better Life Lab at the think tank New America. Her solution? Scrapping her long, unfinished to-do lists and replacing them with […]