OverwhelmedWork, Love and Play When No One Has The Time



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Named 1 of the Washington Post’s 50 Notable Nonfiction Books of the Year!

Named a Good Reads finalist for Best Business Book of 2014!

From Time Confetti to Time Serenity: Overwhelmed is both a map of the stresses that have ripped our leisure to shreds and a blueprint for how to put the pieces back together. What Brigid Schulte offers us is a revelatory, at times hilarious, and at heart optimistic view of how we can begin to find time for the things that matter most and live more fulfilled lives.

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Resources to understand the Overwhelm and learn more about Bright Spots.
Why are things the way they are? How can they be better?





About Brigid Schulte

About Brigid Schulte

Brigid Schulte is an award-winning journalist for the Washington Post and Washington Post magazine. She was part of a team that won the Pulitzer Prize. She is also a fellow at the New America Foundation. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and two children. She grew up in Oregon and spent summers in Wyoming, where she did not feel overwhelmed.

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Brigid's Articles

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When I was finishing my book on time pressure and modern life and casting about for ideas for a book cover, a well-meaning editor of mine said he had a great one: “Picture this,” he said excitedly, “A woman in a business suit and high heels in soft focus. Steering a grocery cart.” I groaned. […]

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